Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chance for a new beginning

          Your life will change after this. It's really up to you though. Our society has made it so easy to fall victim to the worst parts of our day. We eat unhealthy foods. We don't exercise. And, it's fair to say...the majority of us aren't happy. The thing is that we can stop and change our habits. I'm not gonna lecture ya'll about how you guys should do this or do that. But, I will tell you guys about the advantages of certain things. You see it's not the big and drastic changes that will shape you. It's the little things. Making these big drastic changes is impractical for the average person that works a full-time job or who is studying in college . I'm not saying these changes are impossible. If you really put your mind towards a goal, I'm certain eventually you can reach it. My point is that change takes time. You will take time. You are not a robot. You are a breathing human being. You will take time. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can start your journey. The most important thing in my opinion is to get up everyday with hope. Getting up everyday determined to chase after your dreams. Getting up everyday by being dauntless against struggles you may face. That's the key when leading a healthy life. 
           Nowadays, we feel that being "healthy" means having six pack abs and eating a salad everyday. These are definitely healthy practices, but in my opinion health means overall wellness both physically and mentally. A healthy mind cannot stay in an unhealthy body. And, a healthy body cannot stay in an unhealthy mind. This is your chance to change your life, and I hope you give it a shot. 

This blog is aimed to tell you guys about healthy living in general and tips and tricks. I am in no way a medical professional. If you have any health issues, please consult your physician. 

I'm just an average American that was sick of living the way I've lived in the past. I will give some of my experiences on how to deal with certain things. I would like to have several types of posts: overall wellness, mental health, exercise, diet, etc. 

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